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The origin of mankind, is it Adam & Eve ?

There are many theories that have been offered to explain the origin of mankind, some say human beings evolved from monkeys; these are the Charles Darwin theory and others say we originated from Adam & Eve, two people God created and put on the earth. If one of these two theories is correct, the other is false. Let us follow the path of each of these theories with an open mind to see if their reasoning hold true.

The evolutionist belief that man evolved as a species from the sea, that evolved slowly on land and eventually evolved to the stage of monkeys, then became human beings. This theory is so shallow that for it to be taught in our present day schools is a disgrace and an insult to our human intelligence. The human mind was probably not that intelligent maybe a century ago to accept this theory, but in our present time it does not hold water.

Science is supposed to be based on observable facts, yet they put up a theory which cannot be proven and even teach that in schools. A simple question a person will ask is, for all these hundreds of years has anyone seen a single monkey evolve to become a human being. This Charles Darwin theory should be eliminated from our school curriculum for our intelligence is being insulted.

Now let us take a look at the theory of Adam & Eve. It is very likely that if an intelligent being created the sea, the sun, the sky, the land, and the stars, then it is a simple matter for the same intelligent being to create human beings. This theory makes more sense than to postulate that human beings evolved from monkeys. In that case who created that tadpole in the ocean in the first place. How atheist can the atheist be, simply accept that there is a God , and we can all put the matter to rest.

The Adam & Eve theory makes sense but I suspect there is more to it than that for two people does not explain the vast diversity of complexion and looks of people on the planet. The Africans as black as they are, are in no way linked to the Chinese in complexion and features. For no matter how long a black man lives in a cold climate as in Europe, that black person will never turn white(Caucasian). Similarly, there are white (Caucasians), living in the hot climate of south Africa, and none of them is turning black.

It was also noted that there was a flood on the earth during Noah’s time and all life was destroyed excerpt for the family of Noah and the creatures in Noah’s ark. If we follow this line of thought, we still come to a dead halt about the Africans and the Chinese. I do not see a connection between the Africans, the Chinese and Adam & Eve or to Noah and his people.

I have a likely theory behind all these, that whereas the Adam & Eve story is likely true it is more than that. I will follow my theory from my observed pattern of how God creates with a consistent pattern of numbers, which has been applied both in heaven and on earth.

The creator of our universe uses a base formula of the number seven, and creates life and things by a division of three categories of seven levels deep. This basic threefold concept is what has become known to us the trinity. From heaven all the way down to the level of the atom. The total sum of any group of three with seven levels deep makes up a total of twenty one.

One will notice this pattern repeated many times through the seven days of creation, the seven continents, the seven main planets, the seven colors of the rainbow, and seven spirits before the throne of God. In our planetary system there are suns, moons and planets forming three types of bodies. This basic formula is even consistent in color, with three primary colors and seven secondary colors.

This pattern of three categories of seven levels deep is so consistent that I will guess that God would have created mankind by the same formula. It is my belief that there were three types of people created by God and placed on different parts of the planet. Each was a pair of male and female for the word Adam is not a name for it is a word that means man.

Following this formula of three and seven, it is likely that God would have created three types of people with seven shades of complexion from each category to make up a total of twenty one. But since each is a pair, the total will be forty two. The three main types of people will be Africans, Asians, Hebrews (Caucasians). Seven levels of people from the African roots will account for the variations of Africans, seven levels of people from the Asian group will account for the variation of Asians, and seven levels of people from the Caucasian root will account for the variation of Caucasians.

Even at the present time there are only three main races on the planet; the Africans, Asians, and Caucasians. It will not be surprising that these three races where the original Adam & Eve from creation. What God creates does not change, it remains permanently the same. A species may die, and new ones are introduced but what we see at the present time is what it was from the beginning. The sun, the moon, the stars, do not change, neither has any monkey evolved to become a human being.

One law applies to everyone, for if a monkey is allowed to evolve to become a human being, then the jelly fish will also have the right to evolve to become a whale. What God creates does not change, beings live and they die but their kind remains the same.

This same formula can even be applied to the animal kingdom for they appear as many but actually there are only three groups of them; those that crawl or walk the face of the earth, those that fly in the air, and those that swim in the water or the ocean. None of these have evolved to become another, for a worm does not evolve to become a lizard, a red snapper does not evolve to become a shark, and monkeys certainly do not evolve to become human beings. What God creates does not change.
Man may have evolved through the inventions of machines, cars, equipments, architecture of buildings, airplanes, ships, etc, but the man behind the wheels is the same from the time of Adam & Eve. Man has evolved their environment in different ways according to the continent and environment that man was originally placed.

In Genesis 9, and 10 of the bible it was said that Noah had three sons by the names Shem Ham, Japheth. The sons had wives and they bore many children all the way down to the grandchild Abraham. Genesis 12 informs us that Abraham was instructed by the Lord to go to Egypt, which was in Africa. When Abraham entered into Egypt, it was already well populated with people with highly advance culture and a pharaoh. It is most likely that other parts of Africa were populated as well. The question to be asked is; where did the population of Egypt come from and were they also Hebrews?. Obviously there were not Hebrews and they had no relation to Abraham whatsoever.
This brings us back to the theory that the Adam & Eve story takes into account only the Hebrews and it does not apply to the different people that originated from other continents such as in Africa and Asia. This certainly explains the different complexion and look of the Africans and the look of the Chinese eyes. These also had their history that is not known to us. It is my theory that the people of Africa were a different seed from Adam & Eve and the people of Asia are also of a different seed from Adam & Eve.

I will postulate that the Lord would have used a formula similar that of instructing Noah to take the animals into the ark, two pair of male and female of seven types each. I will postulate that God would use a similar formula with mankind to assure the survival of the human species. The bible account was written from a point of view to make it seem that the Hebrews were the only and original people on the planet. I am not surprised, for it is a story told by Hebrews to Hebrews and did not take into account anyone living on other parts of the planets. Even to the present time there are three major races on the planet, distributed among seven continents, just as there are three primary colors with seven secondary colors.
The seed of a rose flower always grows to become a rose, it does not grow to become an oak tree. What we see today is the way it has always been from the beginning. Christopher Columbus and his people traveled all the way around the world to America, but when he got there, there were Indians already there. Travelers went all the way to the Philippines islands and to the Caribbean islands isolated from anyone else, yet when they got there, there were people already there. The real question is how did they get there through the winter, the snow, storms, the deserts, and the rain?. The answer is simple, there were there cause God put them there.

In conclusion I will leave this thought in your mind, if God of the bible is the God of all humanity and created all of humanity how is it that he is on the side of the Hebrews and by historical accounts was opposed to everyone else living during that time. The Hebrews were at war with many nations and they still are up to the present time. The answer to the question can logically be derived that the Hebrew God of the bible is not the God of all humanity. The God of a people is one God, just as there is one king for a nation; but they are many kings and many nations. This answer is derived from the word Elohim meaning Gods us used in the first line of Genesis and in many places in the old testament.

It is explained by angels from some sources that our infinite universe is divided into four geographic quadrants of east, south, west, north. Each quadrant is managed by a God, hence there is a God of the east, a God of the south, a God of the west, and a God of north. Each quadrant is also subdivided into four sub quadrants. Hence there are four sub quadrants in the east, four sub quadrants in the south, four sub quadrants in the west, and four sub quadrants in the north. Each sub quadrant is managed by a King who is an Elohim.
The function of the supreme God, the Elohim and the angels are identical for each of the four geographic regions of the universe. A being as God can be accessed by anyone from any part of the universe by anyone regardless of race, just as radio wave signals can be received every where.

The God of the Hebrews is an Elohim, that will be equivalent to the king of a sub quadrant. Hence it makes sense that he is on the side of the Hebrews for he is the God of the Hebrews. But as an Elohim he can be assessed by anyone from any part of the planet.

This accounts for the complexion of the Africans and the look of the Chinese. Their God created them in his image and likeness, hence whereas we are all human beings from four different geographic parts of the earth, we have different sources, a different God, a different look and appearance, and a different history.
There are ways of indentifying a spirit and the God of the Hebrews identifies himself with the lion and the sign Leo. There are four fixed signs of the zodiac Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus. These correspond to the four beasts of Ezekiel, and the four beasts of revelation. They also corresponds to the geographic directions of east, south, west, and north. In kaballah, there are four Elohim or four names of God that corresponds to these four geographic directions. The name of God in kaballah that points to the sub quadrant of south of east is Yahweh. This position points to the regions of East Africa, and this coincides with the regions of the garden of Eden of Adam & Eve, and scientist even inform us that human beings originated by DNA from east Africa. Do not hold me accountable for this analysis, for I am simply the scribe of the gods and I arrived at this by my deductive reasoning.

Summary analysis

Here is my summary insight into this creation concept from a kabalistic point of view. Genesis gives us a clue of the word Elohim which means Gods. Following this thought and the formula of the number seven, the kabala informs us that the Elohim that created our universe and life on this earth are seven. Who are the Elohim? Answer, the Elohim are the Gods that create universes and planets and populate them with life.

Now when we look around we notice the sun, the moon, the planets, plants, animals, fire, water, air, earth, and human beings. I have already noted a formula in the book THE TRINITY OF LIGHTS , that MIND = SQUARE ROOT OF (SOUND SQUARED + LIGHT SQUARED). By substituting numbers to this right angled triangle we have 5 = square root of (3 squared + 4 squared). In this formula is the structure, design and arrangements of the Elohim of creation. The seven Elohim are arranged as three and four together making seven. Four of the Elohim govern and created all things pertaining to the four elements of fire, air, water, and earth. The four Elohim created the sun, the stars, the moon, the planets and all the creatures, of plants, animals, water, as ocean, rivers, rain, birds, fish of the sea, all the animals of the earth the four Elohim created excerpt mankind.

The other three Elohim created mankind in their image which accounts of the three main races we have on the planet. The garden of Eden most likely was in three geographic locations on the earth. One would most likely be situated in Africa, another in the middle east towards Europe, and the other situated in Asia, where the mongoloids or Chinese originated. It was a simple matter for the serpent to tempt the Adam & Eve of each of these three locations in a single day. Each race however had a different history and evolutionary progress. The garden of Eden that we know of in the bible is the one that was situated in the middle east. The account of the other two and their history is unknown to us. It is clearly understood why the God of the old testament emphasize to the jews that he is their God. He repeats this statement over a hundred times, but never once said that he is the God of all humanity. The seven Elohim when united form one Supreme God, seven colors united form a single white light. This explains the races of the Africans, Asians, and Caucasians for they were created in the image of the three Elohim. This grouping together of the seven Elohim is what the elementals taught the African medicine men as the seven African gods.

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The seven African gods, Ire, blessing

Before reading this article it is recommended that you start from the first article titled “The seven African gods, African, Hispanic, Religion”. In the previous step the diviner determines the type of blessing behind the client’s question. If the answer is determined to be yes, it is said that the divination opens with a blessing (ire). This step is to determine what the blessing is. The diviner then asks the oracle if it is any one of the following ire.

Ire ariku: This type of blessing brings vitality, health, and immortality to the soul. It is considered that this is the best type of ire.
Ire elese eladi: This type of ire means “blessings at the feet of one’s ori”. The odu is saying that luck will come through the clients own guardian angel or higher self.

Ire otonowa: This ire means “the blessing will come from heaven”. The client will get his blessing from Olodumare and from the spirits of heaven.

Ire elese ocha: “Blessings will come at the feet of the orisha”. This means the blessing will come from one of the orisha that speaks in the oracle. The diviner then directs the question “ire elese –(-name of the orisha), by questioning each of the orisha that speaks in the reading.

Ire elese egun: “blessings at the feet of the ancestral spirit. This means the blessings are coming from the client’s ancestral spirits.
Ire elese ara onu. The blessings come from the spirits of heaven, it does not come from one’s ancestors.

Ire aye: This ire predicts financial blessings

Ire elese Elena: the blessings come from one’s own tongue, that will be the clients own words or acts of speech.

Ire lowo: the blessing will come from the client’s own hands from his handy works.
Ire ashegunota. The blessings will come from one of the sacred stones of the orisha. The diviner then proceeds by asking which orisha it is with the question “ire elese – name of orisha.

Ire elese oraoko. The blessing will come from the remote areas of the country side not from the city. A person for whom this reading foretells may need to move to the country side to benefit from this blessing.

Ire elese abure : The blessing will come from the clients own brother or sister.

Ire elese obini: The blessing will come from women

Ire elese okuni: The blessing will come from men

Ire elese omo. The blessing will come from the clients own children, if the client does not have children it will come from a child.

Ire elese arubo : The blessing will come from an elderly person. The client is advised to spend more time with the elderly.

Ire ibujko : The blessing will come through change and sometimes the change may be drastic but the blessing will follow anyway.

Ire Alafia: This type of blessing will bring peace in the client’s life.

Ire elese babatobi. The blessing will come from one’s own godfather. The client might need to get close with god parents.

Ire elese iyatobi: The blessing will come from the depths of the earth

Ire elese ewe: The blessing will come from mild gambling

Ire elese ori yoko. The blessing will come only if the client is initiated to become an italero

Ire iyeku: The blessing my come through tragedies. It can be the death of someone and the client may inherit something, or the client may file a claim against an injury and obtain the financial rewards, such as insurance.

After determining the blessing (ire) the diviner writes the odu that was used to open on paper and writes the type of ire predicted for the client next to it. The diviner must then determine if the ire is firm in this lifetime by asking two questions “ire yale?” (is the blessing firm?”), and ire yale timbelaye?” will the blessing manifest in this lifetime. If the answer to the first question is yes, the second must be presented to the oracle. If the answer to the second question is Yes, the oracle has predicted that the blessing will firmly manifest in this lifetime. If the answer to one of the questions ire yale, or ire yale timbelaye is No then the divination is incomplete and other steps must follow.

Summary analysis.

This form of divination has so much depth that I have arrived at the firm conclusion that the practice of the worship of the seven African gods was not invented or introduced by the medicine men of Africa, but rather it was taught to them by elemental spirits as a means of communicating with the spiritual world.

Having read a few of the articles, weigh in your mind whether medicine men/priests that lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago in villages in west African that has never spent a single day in school and could not read or write could come up with such in intricate system of divination. Keep in mind that several hundreds of years of ago there were no schools in west Africa period.

Having deduced that it is the work of elemental spirits behind this system of divination, let us pay a closer attention to the nature and function of elementals in spiritual work. Elementals are the spirits of nature that operate through the four elements of Air, fire, water, and earth. The elementals of fire are known as salamanders, the elementals of air are known as sylphs, the elementals of water are known as undines, the elementals of earth are known as gnomes or dwarfs. The elementals are the spirits that are closest to human beings and they share the planet with us.

Any type of spiritual activity, whether originating from God from heaven , or from earth from human beings goes through the medium of elementals.. Every human being is assigned four body elementals throughout their life, and these four elementals are the ones that maintain and manage the human body and welfare. Often times they have been ignored, since we do not know they exist in the first place. This knowledge of spiritual divination from its intricacies and language is entirely the work and language of elementals. But I do not think the elementals originated this system for at the end of this analysis there is a twist. Elementals answer questions and provide answers in the form of riddles and proverbs. This is very typical of especially those of the gnomes. If you are not sure what the elementals are, watch the Harry Potter movie series, the magical acts are all being performed by elementals in a movie form. That little creature that serves as his aid, is an elemental. This is exactly the way it works in real life spiritual practice.

It is the dwarfs that teach herbal medicine to the fetish priest in Africa. How do you think those medicine men came about the knowledge of using various herbs for cures? The knowledge of herbal medicine was taught and is still being taught by elemental dwarfs to the priest. The priest has no idea what remedies to use for a cure has never performed, the knowledge is provided by the elementals.

Elementals are extremely important in spiritual work and in fact one cannot accomplish any kind of spiritual work without them. Elementals form the link between human beings, nature, the soul, or dead ancestors, angels, and God. When something originates from God, it passes down to the level of archangels, then to the angels, then to the elementals, then to man.

The elementals are neither good nor evil, they are neutral and simply follow the biding of their master. They go in either direction, and this explains how some people are able to use this form of spiritual practice for evil.

When any kind of spiritual work is being done, it is the elemental that bring it into manifestation. It is the elemental that communicates or desires and wishes to the guardian angels and to other angels. It is the elemental that the angels use to communicate to man through the orisha, for the elementals understand our native human languages.

Elementals can manipulate and influence physical objects by spiritual means. Miracles and movements of objects from place to place by spiritual means are the work of elementals. Even t he miracles of Jesus were actually carried out by elementals.

Elementals enjoy the same pleasures as human beings. They like the smell of cigars, the smell of hard liquor, and they like to eat nature’s food substances that we eat. Elementals love to dance and party and their favorite type of music are African drums, similar to the ones I have composed that are named Jungle 1 – Jungle 30. Play music containing African Drums and elementals will be all ears.
Let us keep in mind that the overseers of elementals are angels, just as human beings are the overseers of animals. This system of organized seven powers serves as a conduit from the physical world of man through elementals to the choir of angels , then to God.

It is a system based on the use of elemental forces that explains the use of the sixteen cowries. The sixteen cowries represents the four elements of Air, fire, water, and earth. Each of the four is also subdivided into four which are Air is subdivided into Air of Air, Air of Fire, Air of Water, Air of Earth. Fire is subdivided into Fire of Air, Fire of Fire, Fire of water, Fire of Earth. Water is subdivided into Water of Air, Water of Fire, Water of Water, Water of Earth. Earth is divided into Earth of Air, Earth of Fire, Earth of Water, Earth of Earth. These sixteen components form the complete organism and they represent the sixteen cowries. The conglomerate of the sixteen divisions put together forms the orisha. The orisha is sought of the like the king of the elementals or an angel. Human being has four body elementals the orisha has sixteen elementals, this is clearly a being that is more sophisticated than a human being. It is the orishas that taught the divination process to the elementals , who in turn taught it to the African priests. It is from the level of the orisha, who may be an angel that the system is organized into seven. For from the seven, the pathway is laid to lead all the way through the choir of angels, then to God. Let us thank God, for the work he has given us, just as he gave us the kaballah through the angels.

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Beth, Resh, Kpah, Tau
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Ken Nunoo..... scribe of the gods

The seven African gods, Ib

Before reading this article it is recommended that you read the previous articles titled (1) The Seven African gods, African, Hispanic, Religion (2) The seven African gods, diloggun,divination (3) The seven African gods, oracle of the orishas.
The Ibo are the eight items that are selected in pairs to indicate Yes or No to questions asked by the client or the diviner. One is placed in the left hand of the client and the other is placed in the right hand of the client and both hands are clasped closed. The Ibo are selected according to the nature of the consultation, and the type of question asked.

Ota: This Ibo is a small black stone that can be clasped in the palm. This ibo represents the immortality and stability of the soul, and spiritual truths. Ota always answers negative or No and can be paired with any of the other ibo. It is usually paired with efun.

Efun: This Ibo is compacted, powdered chalk made of crushed and powdered eggshells. It always corresponds to a yes answer and is owned by the orisha Obatala.

Aye: This Ibo is an elongated small seashell. It is limited to questions pertaining to relationships, marriage, and questions relating to illness, and questions relating to water orishas.

Owo: This Ibo is two cowrie shells tied together with mouth sides. They relate to Olokun and Yemaya, the orishas of the sea. This Ibo represents questions pertaining to money and financial matters. When paired with efun it means the negative, when paired with ota it means the negative.

Apadi: This ibo is a broken china or pottery and it is used in matters concerning war or arguments.

Gungun: This ibo is a bone from the hind leg of a goat. It means a yes answer to questions pertaining to the dead or those spirits that dwell in heaven. It is always paired with ota.

Ewe ayo: This ibo is a seed from the guacalote tree. The seed refers to one’s children, and illness.

Eri aoran: This ibo is a tiny doll head and it is used in matters concerning the clients head. It always answers yes.

Now that the appropriate pair of ibo has been selected and given to the client, the sixteen shells are gathered into the Italero left hand and gently tapped on the mat three times. After the third strike the hand is brought up and opened so that they may gently roll out on the mat. The odu is counted and marked and the Italero must determine whether an elder our younger odu has opened. Letters with elder status are Okana (1), Eji Oko (2), Ogunda (3), Irosun (4), Eji Ogbe (8), Ofun (10), Ejila shebora (12), Metanla (13), Marinla(14), Marunla (15), and Merindilogun(16). If one of these eleven signs is present the left hand is chosen. The client must display what is in the left hand and this is the answer to the question.

If any of the five remaining odu opens upon casting the shells both hands are to remain closed while the diviner gives a second casting to the shells. The five remaining signs are considered the younger odu and the order of seniority are oche (5), odi (7), obara (6), osa (9), and owani (11)
When the younger odu falls, the diviner picks up the sixteen cowries once again in the left hand, strikes the mat three times, letting the shells fall after the third strike. The rule for opening the hand is as follows. If the first throw is younger than the second throw the right hand is opened. When an older opens first and a younger odu opens second, the left hand is chosen.

There are circumstances that among the younger, two are of the same age, twins. These two signs Obara and Osa. Obara will always rank younger then Osa, because it was created after Osa. If the Odu marked either 6-9, or 9-6, the left hand is always chosen out of respect for the two letters. There will be times when a younger odu falls twice and becomes a meji, or twin of itself (5-5, 7-7, 6-6, 9-9,11-11). When any of these occur the left hand is always chosen. There are two additional rules pertaining to Elleinle (8) and Irosun (4). When Elleinle or Irosun falls the answers is always yes.

There are circumstances when casting the cowrie all sixteen cowries fall with their mouth down, and it is said Apira is in the house. The divination must then stop, for circumstances with which this letter deals with are natural disasters, insanity, mental instability, famine, death and general calamity in the clients life. In this case the divination must stop and not proceed further, for evil stands in the door.
The sixteen shells are then picked up and placed in the jicara of water. The water of jar is then carried outside of the house, and the gourd is turned upside down allowing the cowries to fall out into a new pattern. The number of shells that have face up are then counted and called out to the Italero. The cowries are then picked up and put back into the jar with fresh water. The shells are given back to the Italero, and he determines if the marking of apira is for the client or for himself or for any one associated with the client.

Once the opening odu has been extracted the diviner picks up two of the ibo, efun and ota, holding them in his left hand, the diviner asks “ire ni”?, which means “Is a blessing predicted through this letter, keeping the negative securely behind the positive ibo, he touches the positive ibo to each of the mouths open on the mat, keeping the negative secured behind, hidden in his hand.
He then hands the pieces to the client, giving him the efun first and the ota second saying, “Efun lo waya, ota beko, efun ke ibo”, ( affirmative ibo) answers yes (negative ibo answers no). Affirmative ibo is blessed. The client is then asked to shake both ibo in the hand and separate them one into the left hand and the other in the right hand closed.

Summary Analysis

This type of divination seem to be most precise for it does not leave room for vague answers. A response is either Yes or No with no surrounding circumstances. Unlike tarot reading that leave room for vague answers and speculation. By comparison the oracle of the orishas is the best form of divination ever devised so far apart from having direct communication with angels, which is a more complex system. The oracle of the orishas is so well organized that I am inclined to think that it was not originated by mankind but by elemental spirits, particularly those of the forest known as gnomes in collaboration with the elementals of the sea. It is either from one of these sources or I lean my suspicion to the elemental spirits of the sea. The whole ritualistic process is so spiritually accurate that it is impossible for a human being from ancient Africa to invent it. I am aware of the spirits used by the herbal medicine priest in Africa to do their work , and I am also aware that it is the spirits that give instructions to the priest as to what remedies to use. I am no doubt inclined to belief the same, that this system of divination was originated by elemental spirits taught to mankind, and that they are the powers behind this whole system of the seven African gods.

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Beth, Resh, Kpah, Tau
BARAKATA... May blessing be upon you
Ken Nunoo..... scribe of the gods

The seven African gods, oracle of the orishas

Before reading this article on the seven African powers it is recommended that you read the prior articles titled (1) The seven African gods, African, Hispanic, Religion (2) The seven African gods, dillogun, divination.

At this stage of the prayer the diviner makes an invocation to the orishas. The fundamental orishas and their order are Eleggua, Oshun, Yemaya, Shango, and Obatala. The order of calling the orisha is as follows. An Italero of Oshun will call on the gods in the order Eleggua, Obatala, Oshun, Shango and Oshun. An italero of Shango will call on the gods in the order of Eleggua, Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun, Shango. An Italero of Eleggua will call on the gods in the order Eleggua, Obatala, Oshun, Yemaya, Shango, Eleggua.

The prayers are as follows:

Mojuba, mojuba Eleggua, mojuba y bendicion
Mojuba, mojuba Obatala,mojuba y bendicion
Mojuba, mojuba Yemaya, mojuba y bendicion
Mojuba, mojuba Oshun, mojuba y bendicion
Mojuba, mojuba Shango, mojuba y bendicion

We come to you all today on behalf of ____(client name)
Who has come to consult the oracle of the orishas
We ask for the ache to proceed and make
Contact with Olorun, egun, and orisha on his/her behalf
Let the results of this consultation be beneficial to him
For me as a diviner, and for all those present.

After this the diviner should start a prayer to the orisha whose cowries is being used for the divination, which is usually that of Eleggua.

Eshu Elegba Olo gbogbo no mirun ita
Algbana bab mi unlo na buruku mitosi le
Shonsho kuelu kuikwuo odi kosi ofo, kosi
Ejo, kosi arun, ni oraku mi gbogbo omo nole
Fu kwikwo. Adupe, baba mi Elegba

Owner of the four corners of the world.
Let there be no illness, let there be no death
In the name of those present, we thank you our father Eleggua

The next step the diviner says a prayer to banish all the evil osogbo that may hinder in the consultation.

Kosi ika. Kosis of. Kosi ano. Kosi inya
Kosi fitibo. Kosi akopa. Kosi inya. Kosi fitibo
Kosi akopa. Kosi tiya, kosi araye
Kosi gbogbowan osogbo unlo. Fun ire owo
Ire omo. Ire anku babaw. Ko un soro ofo
Pa oda oda pa ofo. Ko un sor ofun
Mabobe ofun

May death and misfortune be banished forever
May evil tongues be banished.
May bad arguments cease.
May lying lips cease their tongue
May evil mischief and discord be banished
May there be no more war
May there be no more hunger
May there be no more fights
May there be no more strife.

Once this prayer has been said the diviner still holding cowries and money in his left hand touches the client body in the main center of ache, while naming each part as he goes along.

Ori inu – head
Eshu ni pacuo – the back of the neck
Esika meji – the shoulder
Okokan – the hearth
Ina – the stomach
Akwa meji – the arms
Onukun meji – the knees
Elese meji – the feet
Owo osi owo otan ono wale – hands

After this the Italero gently places cowries and derecho in the clients hand. The orisha are now awaken and ready to listen to the client. The client may speak aloud his case or reason or question for which he or she has come to consult the orisha.

The Italero then takes back the shells from the client, he raises them in his left hand and says “Ochareo”, which means “we join to the orishas”. The shells are cast to the mat, while all those present say “Adache”, which means “of our own free will”.

The first odu is marking the shells falling mouth up and it is counted and written down. The diviner once again picks up the hand of shells, putting the dorecho(money) to the right of the mat beside the ibo, and cast them again calling “Ochareo”, while all those present answer “Adache”. This second odu is counted and marked on paper beside the first, creating a composite, or omo, odu. For example if the first odu that fell was seven, it is named Odi, and the second that fell was three, Ogunda. The composite odu is 7-3, and it is named Odi Ogunda. The oracle is now opened and the diviner must now use Ibo to mark the orientation of the oracle.

Summary Analysis

The touching of the diloggun to the client body from head to feet is equivalent to making contact to the seven spiritual centers, glands, or chakras of the human body. These are the centers that link the physical body of man to the spiritual. At the top of the head is the pituitary, the forehead is the pineal, the back of the neck is the Thyroid, then the heart center, the solar plexus, the reproductive center. In this step energies from the client are transferred to the cowries then to the orishas.

Spirituality is basically energies in motion from one state to the other. Energy is absorbed from one thing then is transferred or relocated elsewhere. Energy from food and drinks replenish the human body, so is the flow of the energies between matter and spirit. It is similar to the concept of converting trees to paper and sand to glass.

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Ken Nunoo... The scribe of the gods

The seven African gods, Diloggun, Divination

Before reading this article it is recommended that you read the first article titled “The Seven African gods, African, Hispanic, Religion”, to grasp the foundation of this series. The diloggun is the process of casting the cowries and before opening the diloggun a jicara (gourd or jar) of water, lit cigar, and lit candles should be placed on the table to give ache and strength to the spirits consulted.

The symbols of Ibo are eight. The Ibo are the objects that are used in the divination to determine Yes or No answers to questions. (1) efun (white powdered chalk, crashed eggshells) ,(2) black stone, (3) two bound cowries ,(4) a seashell, (5) a piece of bone ,(6) a seed ,(7) a dolls head, (8) a piece of broken china or pottery.

The client’s name is written on paper so it can be referred to during the prayer (mojuba). First the diviner takes the efun and rubs it over both hands until the palm, fingers, and thumbs are covered in white. This is done to the client as well (one must have clean, pure hands before handling the shells of an orisha).
Now the client is instructed to take the small fee usually $21 and fold it tightly into a small ball. The client crosses himself with it marking the four quarters of the body and gives it to the diviner. The Italero draws a circle on the ground marking a double line at the four cardinal points east, south, west, north.
Before praying, a jicara of fresh water is carried in the left hand, and using the fingers of the right, three dashes of water are splashed before the spirits shrine with the following words.

Omi tutu; ona tutu, ache tutu, Tutu ile.
Tutu Laroye. Tutu Ariku Babawo.

Fresh water, freshen the road to the orisha.
Refresh my powers; freshen my home,
Freshen Eleggua in his path of Eshu Laroye.
Bring us freshness that has no end.

After this the diviner takes the sixteen cowries and adds to it the money given by the client and these are all rubbed together. All these are rubbed between the two hand to awaken the soul that sleeps in the cowries. As they are being rubbed the following prayer is recited.

Mojuba Olofin. Mojuba Olorun. Mojuba Olodamare.
Mojuba Olojoni oni odun mocuedun. Olorun Alabosudaye. Olorun Alabosunife.
Olorun Alaye. Olorun Elemi. Olodumare oba aterere Kaye. Olodumare, mojuba gbogbo iku imbelese.
Olodumare, Ibae baye tonu. Mojuba atijo ojo. Mojuba atiwo orun,
Mojuba oyai odun, oni odun, odun ola. Mojuba orun, Mojuba Oshukwa. Mojuba ile ogere a took jeri.

We pay homage to God the creator of heaven and earth. We pay homage to the sun. We pay homage to the moon. We pay homage to the clouds. We pay homage to the rain. We pay homage to the sea. We great Olorun. We pay homage to the earth. We pay homage to the souls of our ancestors who are departed. We greet you Olodumare. We are grateful for this day and to all we have we give thanks to God All Mighty.

Summary Analysis

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one state to another. Material energy can be exchanged for spiritual energy (blessings) and spiritual energy can be transformed into material energy. To receive something from the spiritual plain and for it to work for you, whether it be knowledge, healing, or any kind of blessings one must give something of material value in exchange. This is applied in churches of today in the form of tithes and in ritual as an offering of some kind. A spirit does not have free will and cannot do anything as such of their own free will,hence it is man that must first initiate the cycle of material offering that is transformed by the spirit into a spiritual blessing. In that case, it is not the spirit that complies to your wish by its free will but you are the cause and recipient of your own actions, for the energy that was used in the whole process came from you in the first place , but not from the spirit. Hence the bottom line is, a human being may do something for you for free, but a spirit never will.

On the altar are three objects of a lighted candle, a jar of water, and a lit cigar. These objects correspond to the three elements of lighted candle (fire), water, lit cigar (air). One may substitute incense for the lit cigar for they are simply basic three elements of nature.

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Beth, Resh, Kaph, TauBARAKATA .... may blessing be upoon you
Ken Nunoo... The scribe of the gods

The Seven African gods, African, Hispanic, Religion

The religion which has become popular among Africans, Hispanics, and West Indians known as the worship of the seven African gods originated from Nigeria among the Yoruba tribe. Hence, this religion was originally known as Yoruba religion and has become known as Santeria among Hispanics. This form of spiritual practice has become very popular among Hispanics in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, South America, Jamaica, Trinidad, Columbia, Panama, Ecuador, Bahamas, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Togo, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Spain, North America, Europe and spreading worldwide.

What is it that is fascinating about this form of spiritual practice that has enabled it take roots? We will explore the core of this religion in various steps and you can decide for yourself. I will share with you my insight and knowledge of this religion with an open mind and point out the guide posts. For when undeniable spiritual power manifests and expresses itself one cannot help but to admit that there is a force of some kind in this religion.

I will give you the knowledge and practice of this religion, but it does not mean I endorse it in any way, but spirituality of all kinds is my specialty and I make it my business to know the heart and core of its practice. This religion was carried to the Hispanic islands during the slave trade, when women hid the cowrie shells in the hair and other areas. They held on strongly to their belief in their African gods and pretended to practice Christianity under the guise of the catholic saints. And today, it has flourished in some miraculous way across the continents. It has spread without force or cohesion from its practice unlike the way some other religion spreads through war and forceful accept or die concept . Its inherent power to spread on its own even indicates that there is a force of power behind the practice of this religion. While some religions are diminishing in size at an alarming rate, this religion is taking root, and I am probably the first to bring it over the internet.

The names of the seven African gods are: Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun, Shango, Eleggua, Ogun, Oya. The gods in the Yoruba language are referred to as Orishas. Each god has three objects known as Otanes that are sacred to the god. 1) stones 2) metals 3) cowries. The stones are what sacrifices are made on, the metals are the particular metal sacred to the god, the cowries are the shells that are used for divination. The process of divination of casting shells is called dillogun.
Each of the gods has sixteen cowries excerpt for Eleggua who has twenty one cowries. When casting the divination only sixteen cowries are used from each god. The sixteen cowries are picked at random and the remaining ones are put aside.
When the dillogun is cast or the shells are thrown, the results are known as Odu, and each odu has a name and a number. The cowries has an opening on one side and they are known as the mouth of the orishas (gods). When the cowries is cast the results are recorded by names and number. OKana (one mouth), Eji Oko (two mouths), Ogunda (three mouths), Frosun (four mouths), Oche (five mouths), Obara( six mouths), Odi (seven mouths,Eji Ogbe(eight mouths),osa (nine mouths),Ofun(ten mouths),Owani(eleven mouths),Ejila shebora(twelve mouths),metanla(thirteen mouths),merinla (fourteen mouths), Marunla(fifteen mouths),Merindilogun(sixteen mouths)

The diviner of the practice of this religion are known as Italero, and can be anyone who is actually performing the divination. The italero first awakens the spirits within the cowries with prayers or litany known as mojubando. Two throws are required to extract the parent odu known as Omo odu. The first throw name the paired odu and the second throw modifies the first narrowing the reading down to 1 of 256 combinations offered by the oracle.

For example if the first throw shows nine open mouths the paired odu is Osa. Casting the cowries a second time, if the diviner counts three mouths, the odu is Ogunda has fallen. The first casting is modified by the second the rsulting odu is named Osa Ogunda. Each of these Odu form a spiritual organism, a complete entity that forebodes various blessing (known collectively as Ire) or misfortunes (known collectively as Osogbo).

The qualities of Ire and Osogbo must be extracted from the Odu once the composite letter has been cast. This is done by using eight ibo (divination tools). Depending on the question asked these eight Ibo can be used in an infinite number of pairing. Together the diviner and the client manipulate the Ibo to determine the direction of the Odu.

Summary Analysis

As Shakespear once said, that which is called a rose will smell as sweet, if it is called by any other name. God said I AM THAT I AM meaning God remains the same regardless of who or what we think he is or by whatever name we call God. There are many spiritual forces and beings in our universe, and there are as many names of God as they are people and spirits in the universe. For a spirit or an angel or human being to exist a name of God must be within that individual or spirit. The name may not have the same power as the supreme creator, but the name is nonetheless a name of God. Whether that spirit is a good spirit or a bad spirit, regardless of its nature, the name is a name of God on a lower level than the supreme creator, and has some kind of power in it for a specific function. The name of a spirit or cannot be translated into any other language for that spirit to respond to that name. For in the spiritual world a spirit by the name Peter is not the same as the one by the name Pedro, unless that spirit tells you so, for Pedro could be the name of another spirit with totally different functions from that of Peter.

Spirituality is a science just like our physical science, and the main ingredients are 1.) the name of the
Spirit (2). Number (3). Color ( 4). Plants, herbs and flowers (5) metals (6) element (7) Animal
These seven basic characteristics identifies the spirit or man for everyone whether man or spirit has a name. (2). Everyone has a unique number derived from their date of birth, and hour of birth (3). Everyone has a color (4). Everyone whether man or spirit is attached to certain plants, herbs or flowers. A human being depends on food to live. (5) Everyone is connected to a metal of some kind, whether gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, mercury, lead. If you are wondering , we wear jewelry, use transportation , use electronic equipments; these are metals(6) Everyone is connected to one or more of the elements of fire, air, earth, and water . Humans breath and drink water basically (7) Everyone is connected to some kind of an animal, whether it be a fish in the sea, a fowl of the earth or the creature of earth. A human being is flesh a blood.

Through these seven channels both man and spirit share all of nature and are intertwined. To know any or all of these about a person or spirit is to narrow your focus to the identity of one individual or spirit.

In the next article we will examine the steps and prayers that awaken the spirit within the cowries and to cast the dillogun (divination).

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The Hebrew word God (EL)

The Hebrew word for God is (EL), which is the root of the word Elohim. These two letters written in Hebrew as Aleph, Lamed (AL), is the same word used in Arabic as the word God (Allah), which also has it’s root in the two letters (EL) or (AL). These two letter alphabets also you will notice has been affixed to many names and words in order to give it a divine origin.

Aleph has a numerical value of zero, first position and lamed has a numerical value of eleven, and the twelfth position of the Hebrew alphabets. There are twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabets with Aleph as the starting point and Tau as the last letter with a numerical value of twenty one and the twenty second position.

When the ancients discovered that the word God is EL they began to affix these two letters to just about any name to give it a divine meaning. It is from these two letters EL that give meaning to the names of most of the angels as known to us. Michael meaning "who is like unto God". Michael, with the last two letters of EL connects the word God to the meaning of the word. Raphael, meaning "God is my healer". Here again Raphael derives it’s connotation to the word God from the last two letters EL connected to the word. Ariel, meaning "Lion of God", derives it’s meaning from the last two letters of EL affixed to the name. Gabriel, meaning "God is my strength", derives it’s meaning from the last two letters EL affixed to the name.

The Arabic language uses the letters AL instead of EL but both have the same meaning for the EL is actually written as AL. So a word like Michael in Hebrew becomes Mich’al in Arabic. A name like Gabriel, becomes Gabri’al in Arabic , and carries the same meaning as that of Hebrew.

From this pattern the Arabic God Allah is actually the Hebrew God Eloah for these two words are spelled exactly the same way in both Arabic and Hebrew. Eloah is spelled Aleph, Lamed He in Hebrew which appears as ALH in written text. Allah is written as Aleph, Lamed, He and pronounced as Allah. Here we notice that Eloah and Allah are one and the same.

Here are few other examples of the use of the word God in the old testament bible. The word Adonai in Hebrew means Lord, and whenever you come across the words the Lord God of hosts, it is written in Hebrew as El Adonai Tzabaoth. Another example El Shaddai is God Almighty. Elohim Tzbaoth is God of Hosts. Elohim Gibor is Stength of God.

The EL affixed to the names of the angels is similar to the way we add a last name to a first name, but in the case of the angels the names first and last are combined as one. Hence the word Michael is actually two words of Micha EL. Mica is mirror or likeness in Hebrew hence Michael took on the meaning of likeness of God, or who is like unto God.

In all these instances we become aware that the one God, expresses and manifests himself through many and the countless number of hosts. If we go back into the root of the source, we are all actually sons and daughters of God, for we are from the seed of God. Adam and Eve, supplied the physical flesh that we inhabit, but it was the seed of God from which Adam and Eve were made in the first place.

From this perspective a name of God which is the seed of God is connected to every living thing visible and invisible , both man and angels. It can be deduced that it is these names of God that is the true living and driving power in living beings. Indirectly speaking, human beings are gods in the making, evolving on the path to become gods, for within us is the seed of God.

We know of the supreme name of God as Yahweh, but from the above analysis God has names connected to every living being and each of these names is unique. It is not necessarily a name with the last two letters ending EL for this is a concept derived by man’s analysis. How many names of God are there, will be a question of how many human beings, spirits and life forms exist in the galaxy. For every single life form existing in the galaxy is connected to God and as its source and a name of God is connected to that being.

The names of God are holy and mighty, for it is the life, strength and eternal power within a creature. We have been fortunate through Christ to know of one of the names of God as Yeheshua, but that is not all there is. Every human being has a name of God also, we just do not know it yet. When the name of God within a man or woman unfolds on earth, then a god is born among mankind.

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BARAKATA… May blessings be upon you
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