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The seven African gods, oracle of the orishas

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At this stage of the prayer the diviner makes an invocation to the orishas. The fundamental orishas and their order are Eleggua, Oshun, Yemaya, Shango, and Obatala. The order of calling the orisha is as follows. An Italero of Oshun will call on the gods in the order Eleggua, Obatala, Oshun, Shango and Oshun. An italero of Shango will call on the gods in the order of Eleggua, Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun, Shango. An Italero of Eleggua will call on the gods in the order Eleggua, Obatala, Oshun, Yemaya, Shango, Eleggua.

The prayers are as follows:

Mojuba, mojuba Eleggua, mojuba y bendicion
Mojuba, mojuba Obatala,mojuba y bendicion
Mojuba, mojuba Yemaya, mojuba y bendicion
Mojuba, mojuba Oshun, mojuba y bendicion
Mojuba, mojuba Shango, mojuba y bendicion

We come to you all today on behalf of ____(client name)
Who has come to consult the oracle of the orishas
We ask for the ache to proceed and make
Contact with Olorun, egun, and orisha on his/her behalf
Let the results of this consultation be beneficial to him
For me as a diviner, and for all those present.

After this the diviner should start a prayer to the orisha whose cowries is being used for the divination, which is usually that of Eleggua.

Eshu Elegba Olo gbogbo no mirun ita
Algbana bab mi unlo na buruku mitosi le
Shonsho kuelu kuikwuo odi kosi ofo, kosi
Ejo, kosi arun, ni oraku mi gbogbo omo nole
Fu kwikwo. Adupe, baba mi Elegba

Owner of the four corners of the world.
Let there be no illness, let there be no death
In the name of those present, we thank you our father Eleggua

The next step the diviner says a prayer to banish all the evil osogbo that may hinder in the consultation.

Kosi ika. Kosis of. Kosi ano. Kosi inya
Kosi fitibo. Kosi akopa. Kosi inya. Kosi fitibo
Kosi akopa. Kosi tiya, kosi araye
Kosi gbogbowan osogbo unlo. Fun ire owo
Ire omo. Ire anku babaw. Ko un soro ofo
Pa oda oda pa ofo. Ko un sor ofun
Mabobe ofun

May death and misfortune be banished forever
May evil tongues be banished.
May bad arguments cease.
May lying lips cease their tongue
May evil mischief and discord be banished
May there be no more war
May there be no more hunger
May there be no more fights
May there be no more strife.

Once this prayer has been said the diviner still holding cowries and money in his left hand touches the client body in the main center of ache, while naming each part as he goes along.

Ori inu – head
Eshu ni pacuo – the back of the neck
Esika meji – the shoulder
Okokan – the hearth
Ina – the stomach
Akwa meji – the arms
Onukun meji – the knees
Elese meji – the feet
Owo osi owo otan ono wale – hands

After this the Italero gently places cowries and derecho in the clients hand. The orisha are now awaken and ready to listen to the client. The client may speak aloud his case or reason or question for which he or she has come to consult the orisha.

The Italero then takes back the shells from the client, he raises them in his left hand and says “Ochareo”, which means “we join to the orishas”. The shells are cast to the mat, while all those present say “Adache”, which means “of our own free will”.

The first odu is marking the shells falling mouth up and it is counted and written down. The diviner once again picks up the hand of shells, putting the dorecho(money) to the right of the mat beside the ibo, and cast them again calling “Ochareo”, while all those present answer “Adache”. This second odu is counted and marked on paper beside the first, creating a composite, or omo, odu. For example if the first odu that fell was seven, it is named Odi, and the second that fell was three, Ogunda. The composite odu is 7-3, and it is named Odi Ogunda. The oracle is now opened and the diviner must now use Ibo to mark the orientation of the oracle.

Summary Analysis

The touching of the diloggun to the client body from head to feet is equivalent to making contact to the seven spiritual centers, glands, or chakras of the human body. These are the centers that link the physical body of man to the spiritual. At the top of the head is the pituitary, the forehead is the pineal, the back of the neck is the Thyroid, then the heart center, the solar plexus, the reproductive center. In this step energies from the client are transferred to the cowries then to the orishas.

Spirituality is basically energies in motion from one state to the other. Energy is absorbed from one thing then is transferred or relocated elsewhere. Energy from food and drinks replenish the human body, so is the flow of the energies between matter and spirit. It is similar to the concept of converting trees to paper and sand to glass.

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